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Website design is one of the most important pieces in an online marketing strategy.

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Portside Marketing has an expert team of graphic designers to create a powerful brand or logo, with award-winning creative services.

Business Cards

Nearly everything we do these days has some kind of digital tie in. Business is no exception. You can even share your contact information in the blink of an eye using digital business cards. So why should you include physical business cards in your print marketing plan?

More Than Just Your Contact Info

The basic function of a business card is pretty self-explanatory. It serves as a quick and easy way to share your contact information with prospective clients. But it might surprise you how often people leave off key information when designing a card. Your card should include:

  • Company name
  • First and last name
  • Job title
  • Contact info such as email, phone number, and web address
But your business card can do so much more. Even though a lot of marketing tools are digital now, business cards remain an important part of a successful marketing strategy. But the most effective strategies get consumers to interact with your brand on multiple channels. Encourage this by adding links to your online marketing tools. This might include an SKU or QR code, special offer, or links to your social media landing pages. Codes and special offers allow you to track how effective your business card design is. If your conversion rate is low, you can change up your design to find what works. Social media is another effective way to generate leads. Use these links to direct people to your social media pages to improve visibility and get people talking about your product.

Digital Lacks A Personal Touch

We live in a digital age. So much of our daily lives revolve around our phone and computer. You would think we would have adjusted to going completely digital by now. But the human attention span is short. With the fast pace at which we consume digital media we rarely pay much attention to it. And simply put, some things are better done in person. Like networking. Networking is about making a connection with your prospective client or business partner. Everything from your presentation to your handshake will help cement their trust and confidence in you and your company. While using text, email, or a business card app to share your information is quick and easy, it’s also extremely impersonal. When you exchange contact info digitally you spend the whole time looking at your phone. When instead, you could be furthering your relationship with the client. You can be sure to leave a lasting impression by exchanging your business cards with eye contact and a firm handshake.

Effective Direct Marketing

Familiarity and trust are the two biggest factors in turning a prospective into a client. Face to face interaction is one of the quickest and easiest ways to build that raport. Even if you haven’t been in business very long, you know that networking opportunities can pop up when you least expect it. They can happen on the plane, a bus, in a coffee shop or restaurant. Keeping a few business cards on hand is a great way to ensure you never miss chance to make a connection. Your card also serves as a reminder of the interaction and ensures they can get in touch if they want more information.

Build Your Brand

Done right, your business card will do a lot more than just pass along your contact information. A memorable business card will spark conversation and build brand recognition. Your business card is often a client’s first point of contact with your company. The design of your card should say something about your company’s values and set you apart from the competition. If your services are more creative, consider picking a splashy design and bold colors. Your company is more focused on sleek efficiency? Consider a more simple and traditional design. The design on your cards should be consistent with the branding in your other marketing materials. Keeping to a set theme will ensure consumers recognize your logo right away any time they come across it.

Multiply Your Prospects

People love creative business cards. They not only offer a personal touch but can multiply your prospects too. When you share your information digitally, it gets stored in their phone and that’s generally where it stays. But think of the last time you received a creative business card. Did you throw it away immediately? Or did you hold on to it for a little while? Maybe you showed it to some of your friends or colleagues. You likely did this even if you weren’t particularly interested in the company or their services. Not everyone you give your card to is going to immediately become your next client. But they might show your card to someone who will. The more people you can put your card in front of, the higher your chances are of making the sale.

Put A Face To The Name

How many business cards do you have on your desk? Or in your purse or wallet? Do you remember the face of every person who gave you one? What about the contacts in your phone or email address book? If you are like more than half of adults, you probably don’t remember very many of them. Business cards are a great opportunity to help ensure prospects remember not just your company, but your face as well. As mentioned, familiarity breeds trust and confidence. If a prospect is able to put a face to the name, even months after your initial meeting, they’ll feel more comfortable buying your services.

When In Doubt, Ask a Designer

Many printing companies offer online services where you can design your own card. These services are a great way to save some money and ensure a fast turn around on printing. But, there is nothing more frustrating than opening your brand new business cards only to realize the images are fuzzy and the text is hard to read. A designer can help make sure all your logos and graphics are the right resolution. This ensures the images on your finished cards are crisp and clear. They’ll know which font styles and sizes will be easiest to read. There is also the small matter of making sure your design is on brand and on trend. A quality designer will help you make a card that is both attractive and an effective marketing tool.

At Portside Marketing we know how important it is to make a strong first impression. We also know that keeping up with constantly changing marketing trends is challenging. We will design a business card that reflects your company’s values and grows your business. With our offset press, we offer professional quality printing at a fraction the price of your local printer. With our full online printing and reproduction services you can make changes to your cards or place your order at your convenience. We are happy to print your business cards whether we design the copy or not. But, if you would like help streamlining your brand and messaging, we also provide in house website and logo design.

Looking for attractive, professional quality business cards? Call Portside Marketing at (972) 979-9316 for more information.