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February 16, 2018

What is SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and Why is it Important?

If you hear the term SSL being thrown around when talking about websites, it stands for Secure Socket Layer. Basically, it’s a special little protocol that does a big and important job on the web. It protects any sensitive information as it’s being transmitted. Any information being sent between a user and the site is encrypted as it’s being sent over. It is only decrypted when it’s received on the other end. This is crucial […]
February 9, 2018

Logo Color, Psychology, and Psychographics

Think about your company’s logo. How did you decide on the color scheme? Is it based on your favorite colors? Did you choose them by random? If you answered yes to these last two questions it’s time to rethink your logo. Why? Color can drastically affect a buyer’s decision and perception of a company. That’s why it’s crucial to choose colors wisely if you’re thinking about a company design or rebranding. Behind each well thought […]
February 2, 2018

Why is CTR (Click Through Ratio) so important?

When you decide to go online to advertise your business or product you may hear a lot of lingo that may sound like a different language. There are a lot of “techie” web terms people use to describe ads and how well they are performing. One of those terms is CTR, otherwise known as clickthrough ratio. No matter what platform you’re advertising understanding CTR is crucial to determine how well your ad is performing, especially […]