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Website Design & Development

Website design is one of the most important pieces in an online marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization

Portside Marketing has some of the top search engine optimization (SEO) experts in the country.

Logo Design

Portside Marketing has an expert team of graphic designers to create a powerful brand or logo, with award-winning creative services.

Press Release Service & Syndication

Press releases are a fantastic way to gain publicity and market your event, product or company, along with a wide array of other uses that can actually boost your brand, popularity, relevance and even your search rankings.


Press Releases Are Highly Used for Marketing

Press releases are used by businesses to distribute information. They can also be used for Search Engine Optimization and help send links and traffic to a website. They also give a business credibility when used to create news stories where the business owner or other representative can be quoted in the press release.

Press releases can syndicate over 450 news sites!

Press Release Service - Syndication Service - Channel Distribution
Press Release Published News Article

This is an example of a press release, written like a news story, published for Portside Marketing. The press release sends links and traffic to our website, helping our SEO efforts.

Press Releases Also Provide Credibility

Getting featured “in the news” is a great way to gain credibility. Getting quoted in an article provides authority, which gains credibility and exposure for you and your company.

Example of a press release that was syndicated.

Over 450 Syndication Resources for Press Releases Helps SEO

One of the main reasons we use press releases is to gain links back to a website. These links provide authority sugnals for Google and other search engines. That is why we use a service that has over 450 syndication partners. While we cannot guarantee the number of pickups, when written well, press releases typically get picked up quickly.

Once these get picked up and published, Google starts noticing them and indexes them. This is what provides the link back to your website, which boosts your SEO. 

Our team of writers understands the complexity of the press release news system and can write a news story or press release that has a greater chance of being highly valuable and effective.

Press releases can be a very powerful tool in your business, both for SEO and credibility.

List of published press release syndication sites.