For support call: 972.979.9316

You can also initiate a chat during business hours or send us an email at:

Support Resources

1I have an issue, who should I contact?
Call our main number at 972.979.9316 to talk to someone about your issue. We want your project to be problem-free but know that mistakes or issues can arise from time to time. We stand by everything we do for our customers and will make it right! Big or small, it matters. Never accept less than what you feel is 5-star service. Our founders expect every customer to be 100% thrilled. If you are now, contact us immediately and let someone correct the issue. Want to talk to an owner directly? Lisa is available to talk to you and welcomes direct feedback. You can reach her at or you can schedule a phone call - get on her calendar here:
2My website is down, who do I call?
Call us at 972.979.9316 - odds are we know about it as we use monitoring software for any website that is hosted with us. However, if you are using a 3rd party host, we likely may not even know. So give us a call and we will look into the issue and if we can help, will do so. While we do not support 3rd-party hosting, we can often assist in getting things resolved by helping you with your current host.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What payment types do you accept?
For one-time services, we accept checks or credit cards if the amount is $5000 or under. For anything over $5000, we require a check. For recurring (monthly) services, we require a credit card or you must setup ACH (e-check). If you have questions about payments or billing that is not covered here, just give us a call at 972.979.9316.
2How long does it take to complete my project?
Every project is different. We will outline your project start date and estimated completion date at the time you book your project. You are our partner in the project and we will often require information, feedback or materials from our customers. If everything is submitted or handled on time, we have a 99% on-time completion score! Website design projects can typically be completed in 30-60 days depending on the complexity. Logo design projects can often be completed in 30 days or less.
3Do you require a down payment?
Yes, on most projects we will require a down payment, which varies with the type of project. You will be informed of our payment terms up front and agree to each milestone payment on the agreement. Some of our services do require 100% payment up front, such as logo design and printing.
4My payment is not going through on the website. Help!
Stop and just give us a call. Our online payment system should work easily the first time, so if you have any issues, we can help resolve it quickly. Typically, it is a setting or browser issue. We use secure servers and HTTPS for our payment system. But if you feel as though you would rather make other arrangements for payment, just give us a call.
5Do you outsource your work?
No. All of our staff work with Portside Marketing. We have both full-time or part-time employess and use contracted vendors or companies that we have established a relationship with. Our contracted workers work with Portside Marketing directly, not through a 3rd party outsource company. We vette all of our contractors and require them to fill out extensive paperwork and check references. We also carry insurance for errors and omissions, plus general liability insurance to better protect our customers. We do utilize off-shore contractors where it is appropriate. Our off-shore staff account for only about 5-10% of our workforce at any given time. ALL offshore contractors work directly with Portside Marketing and no 3rd party outsource companies are used. We try and use US-based employees and contractors whenever possible.
6How do you complete work so fast?
We use extensive processes to ensure everyone follows an exact procedure. This allows us to work efficiently while still being creative. The biggest benefit to written, standardized processes becomes apparent in the quality of work you receive. We also invest in training and tools that make us better at what we do and more efficient, proficient and effective for our customers.
7Can I edit my own website?
Yes. While we build our website in Wordpress, we do use specialized builders that may not be familiar to you. However, if you let us know before your build, we can do things in a way where it is easier for you to edit on your own. We also offer our customers training videos showing them how to edit and add content to their sites. We do not use proprietary software - we use industry standard Wordpress themes, plugins, builders and e-commerce/payment plugins.
8Do you offer email?
No, we do not provide email services. Our servers are built and tested for fast, effective website delivery customized to be highly proficient for SEO (search engine ranking). We simply do not have the manpower or expertise with email to support it. We will, however, help you get email setup through Google (G-suite) or Microsoft (Outllok/Exchange). Once setup, you would contact the corresponding email provider if you have issues with your email.