How Logo Design and Placement Influences Customers

How Logo Design and Placement Influences Customers

Logo design and placement is a vital component when appealing to customers.  Customers generally don’t spend a lot of time looking at each item’s label.  It’s far more likely that they will quickly glance at the item.  This is why logo design and placement are so vitally important.

In order to get a product noticed in a sea of similar items, it is best to have a well-designed, familiar logo customers will recognize.  It’s equally important that the logo is presented in an easy to see, primary location on the packaging.  The logo should be one of the first things customers see.

The Importance of Logo Design

Larger companies tend to put a significant investment towards logo design.  The logo helps to establish brand identity.  It influences a customer’s brand perception.  A logo will lead to brand recognition.  Customers associate positive experiences  with a product or logo.  This creates a feeling of brand superiority and loyalty.

It’s very important that the company logo design creates the right image for the brand while making the customers feel good about the brand, the item, and their purchase.  Developing the ideal logo can take time and money.  Logo design is an art form and works best when the graphic designers and company managers work well together to create the ideal logo.

Each part of the logo must be taken into consideration.  The style of font, the color, shape, and design all play an important role.  The combined features of the logo must instill a good feeling upon customers.  In general, if a customer feels good about the logo, they’re more likely to purchase the item.  You’ll also want to find ways to incorporate the same style of font, design or color into the rest of the packaging so the logo design flows smoothly with the entire package.

Logo Design and Placement

In addition to having a superior logo design, the logo placement is key.  By properly placing the logo on packaging, customers are able to quickly recognize their favorite brand.  It’s best to place your logo at or near the top of your product’s packaging.  This location creates a perception of power for your customers.

Customers instinctively feel that the dominant, more expensive, higher quality brands feature a logo design high on the packaging and lower quality or store brands with logos low, towards the bottom of the packaging.  The location of the logo indicates the powerfulness of your brand and they tend to purchase the package with the logo more prominently displayed at the top of the package.

Next time you’re in a grocery store here in Flower Mound, pay attention to where the logos are located for the brands that you purchase the most.  Then look at where the logos are for other brand’s products.  You may be unaware of it in the moment, but when you’re shopping, you make the connection between the logo design placement and the brands you purchase.  Customers tend to expect to see logos for the bigger, name brands at the top of the packaging.

Most grocery stores and mass retailers are aware of the importance of logo placement.  Many will organize the products in the stores so that these powerful brands are right at eye level for customers.  This puts the most expensive brands in a highly-visible area to customers.  This typically will increase revenue for the store and the brand.

Customer Views of Logo Design and Placement

Customers who aren’t looking for a specific brand are more likely to pick a package showing the logo higher on the packaging. This is because they subconsciously link quality and power with the higher logo placement.  However, logo placement alone isn’t enough to encourage customers to purchase your product.  It’s also very important that the logo itself be well designed. It should also fit in nicely with the rest of the packaging.  If packaging seems sloppy or clumsy, a customer may select another brand, despite logo placement.

It’s important to work with your designers to create a logo design that will match what your company stands for. And, use this idea throughout your advertising and packaging.  This logo design will help create brand loyalty.  As you draw customers with your logo placement and logo design with your products, it’s important to remain consistent.  The same logo design and placement should be used on each of your products.  When a consumer knows where to expect to see the logo design, then their impression with your brand will remain strong.  If they have to search for your logo design you may be distancing yourself from your customers. And, if they’re used to seeing it towards the top of the packaging and you move the logo design towards the bottom of the packaging,

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