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Logo Design: Important Things to Remember when Designing a Logo

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Logo design is a crucial aspect of creating a brand identity. Thousands of people design logos every day but only a few really set themselves apart by creating a logo that really makes customers stand up and take notice. The experts at Portside Marketing in Dallas, Texas want you to be able to create the perfect logo for your company.

Getting Started with Logo Design

Creating the right logo first starts with an idea. Envision the image that you want to portray for your company. The right logo design should convey the emotions and ideas that you want your company to exude into the world. Think of the colors, shapes, and ideas that will get your message across to those who see your logo design. It’s important that you don’t try to make your logo overly complex. Most people typically will just glance at the logo, they don’t want to have to analyze it in depth. A quick glance should provide them with sufficient information about what they can expect from your company.

Begin by sketching several of your logo design ideas onto paper. You want to first develop a basic concept and then evolve it into a well-rounded idea that represents your company. Once you have the basic idea established, and then consider adding colors, fonts, or other characteristics that help bring your logo design to life. The goal is to create a simple and memorable design that’s appropriate for your company.

Tips on Developing Your Logo Design

When you finalize your logo design you want to do so while keeping versatility in mind. The logo design is a big part of your visual brand. You must be able to reproduce the logo design across many formants while still maintaining the quality of the logo. The logo design should look good on various mediums including business cards to billboards, signs, and even t-shirts.

A lot of small shapes, skinny lines, or too much detail should be avoided when creating a logo as they may not scale well and could be lost or become very difficult to see. Also be mindful of applying gradient effects. These should only be used when they enhance the design, otherwise they may have the opposite effect. When scaled, a gradient effect can cause your logo design to muddy or become unclear.

A good question to ask yourself when you are putting the finishing touches on your logo design is if what you are adding or modifying is actually helping or hindering your design. If the logo portrays the image that you want to put forth just as well without the modification, then you may consider not making that specific modification. Too much detail can prohibit your logo from easily being reproduced across several mediums. Using bold shapes with negative space and avoiding fine details is a great way to create a timeless logo design that will work with every format.

When your logo is finished you’ll also want to replicate it with reverse coloring to ensure it still maintains itself when used on a dark colored background. If your logo uses a lot of mod to dark colors, then you may consider creating another version with alternate colors that will look better on the alternate background. Most commonly, companies will create an all-white version of their logo to stand out against a dark background.

The font used for your logo design can also play an important role in how your company is portrayed. Research similar companies and see what font styles they use in their logos. Think about your first impression of the different fonts that are used and what you want people to think when they see your logo. Be sure that you read the licensing agreement for the font that you use. It’s important that you ensure you have the rights to use the font to create your logo design. Not all free fonts mean that they are allowed to be used commercially.

Keep your font free of gradients as well along with skinny outlines and drop shadows. These things can all make it more difficult to reproduce your logo design. Once you’ve settled on a font, do several test prints at different sizes to see if there are any problems with the scaling.

The process of logo design can be long and grueling. It can be difficult to create an original logo that portrays the image of your company to the rest of the world. Many companies prefer to outsource logo creation to artists or graphic designers in an effort to ease the pressure on themselves. Companies such as Portside Marketing in Dallas, Texas can also help with logo design and implementation.

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