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Social media is the new web. Whether your business is seeking local or national exposure, social media marketing should not be ignored. This fast growing market is picking up steam. Intensely. For more info about the movement, check out our blog post. This space covers what we do, in terms of services for your business.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Whether it be Facebook, Twitter or a mobile phone application, social media is here and here to stay. Let me tell a short story here that may get the point across quickest. I was out and about while out of town on business, in a new area I had never been. It was dinner time and I was hungry for Thai food. Yup, could have looked in the hotel room for a phone book or even got online on the computer to search. But why? I had my smart phone and a handy little app called FourSquare. So I opened the app, clicked on “check in” and was quickly given a list of about 20 businesses that were in the area and low and behold, two Thai restaurants. After a quick look at the two (one had 3 great reviews and the other none) I was able to quickly decide and get directions in one click. All this in about 2 minutes.