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Success is no accident! Quote by Lisa Parziale

Success is no accident! Each day brings new opportunities to succeed. Embrace every moment!

Nothing bugs me more than when folks say “it must be nice” when referring to others success. My answer to that is always, “Yes, it is wonderful!” For many who achieve success, the single things most people say is that their success was no accident. They actually planned to succeed and followed their own plan. Does that mean they may not have stumbled along the way? Of course not. There are always roadblocks and things that cross our paths that try to distract us from accomplishing that in which we set out to do. However, getting where you want to be has little to do with luck and more to do with hard work.

In order to achieve large goals, you have to achieve smaller goals that add up. Every single day, opportunities present themselves to help you become more successful. For instance, when a client meeting cancels or reschedules, I see that as “found time” where I can do something I may not have been able to accomplish with my tight schedule. Maybe it was only thirty found minutes. That’s ok, how do you think I write these fun quotes? Found time.

So embrace each and every moment of every single day. Ask yourself what it is you want to accomplish in the next half hour or even the whole day. Then set out to get that done and when something falls into your path, jump right over it and keep going!