The Importance of Reputation Marketing

Reputation Marketing is more important than ever before.  Your company can be providing excellent service and your existing customers may adore you, however you may find that gaining new customers and expanding your reach is difficult.  In this day and age, customers tend to trust online reviews from their peers more than they trust advertising.  These reviews then directly correspond with your company’s reputation.

A massive 70% of consumers trust online reviews when deciding to make a purchase or not.  If your company has negative reviews, then you are losing business.  Portside Marketing, located in Flower Mound, Texas, can help you improve your company’s reputation by using advanced reputation marketing skills.

Creating and maintaining a 5-star reputation online should be your company’s number one priority.  All of the other marketing efforts done by your organization will mean nothing if you don’t have the reputation marketing to back it up when your customers go to look your company up online.  Unfortunately, many business owners overlook reputation marketing.

Why is Reputation Marketing Important?

Reputation marketing is important because, in the end, customers want to give their business to a company that they feel that they can trust.  Even more, they want a company that has the same values as they do.  If they value customer service, but your company has several negative reviews about customer service, then they may choose to make their purchase from another company.  When deciding between products or companies, they turn to reviews before making their final decision.

With the proper guidance, reputation marketing can help your business grow exponentially.  To take an active role in developing your online reputation, you will want to consider several areas.  It’s ideal to have positive reviews across several review outlets.  Many people tend to favor one review medium over another.  Some groups have even gone so far to say that reviews done on certain sites aren’t reliable.  By ensuring that your company has a wide range of reviews then you are sure to have the greatest reputation marketing range possible.

It can be tempting to fake reviews; however this is unethical and can have horrible consequences.  The best thing you can do for the reputation marketing of your company is to encourage your customers to post real reviews with specific details.  It also helps to have recent reviews.  If a review is more recent then it will weigh more heavily in search engine algorithms.  You should always be encouraging your customers to leave positive reviews as a steady flow of positive reviews will greatly improve and maintain your reputation marketing.  More reviews also prove reliability with your company.  Customers are more likely to overlook a one-star review if you have hundreds of positive reviews than they are if you only have ten positives.

Customers want to see several high rated, recent, real reviews.  This assures them of the quality, consistency, and reliability of your company.  Reputation marketing then takes these reviews and builds upon them to create more business for your company.

Building upon Reputation Marketing

Many reviews appear locally to the area around the business in searches.  However, if you want to expand your reach further then you will want to build your reputation marketing strategy to include more aspects to reach more customers.  By using SEO to boost your company’s search engine rankings in the desired cities you will reach a larger audience when people are searching for what your company offers.

It’s also vital to ensure that your company features a mobile-friendly website as many people now access information via a mobile platform.  Having a site that is easy to read and navigate from a mobile view is extremely important.  This is especially true if you have a business that people may be looking for while they are out and about.

Other Benefits of Reputation Marketing

Reputation marketing has other benefits that come along with having a strong review base.  By showing your customers that you are better than neighboring businesses, you gain the benefit of pricing power.  Customers will pay more if they feel like they are sure they are going to receive a superior experience and product.  When you set your company apart from others with consistently high reviews, you prove the worth of your company and your product.  This is where you see reputation marketing really pay off.

With a large amount of consistently positive reviews, you will drown out the few negative reviews that your company will naturally receive.  While it’s impossible to please everyone all of the time, it is most definitely possible to encourage your biggest fans to be louder than your enemies.  In the end, your fans are who matter the most.  You can learn from negative reviews, but for the most part you want to focus on the good and ensure that your company’s reputation marketing is ahead of the game.

If you have questions about reputation marketing, please contact Portside Marketing located in Flower Mound, Texas.