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The Ultimate Smoker & Grill

We are proud to be the marketing company for The Ultimate Smoker & Grill, on tour now with the History Channel on the Cross Country Cookout Tour. Trace Arnold and his team are crossing all over America, find the Ultimate American Tailgaters. Serving up fun and their signature sausages, barbecue and sides, Trace is known as “the Rib Whisperer” and we are here to tell you, it is true. The BBQ is delicious and the History Channel events have really been a great experience.

Product Launches & Event Advertising

When it comes to brand awareness, nothing beats The Ultimate Smoker & Grill. When we took on this client, we knew Trace had a big personality AND a big rig to go with it. We began with a website build that needed to reflect the character of the rig and owner, but also allowing the site to capture their customer experiences and successes. We also developed an online SEO campaign, social media blitz and YouTub channel to help show America this very unique brand.

About The Ultimate Smoker & Grill

The Ultimate Smoker & Grill has been designed for brand performance like nothing else. Shortly after setup, it becomes the center of attention, enticing your target audience with the mouth-watering aroma of mesquite-smoked perfection. In our unique smoker chamber, we can slow smoke more than 2,000 pounds of meat. Hidden beneath the 20′ hydraulic lid is a wood-fired 48″ X 120″ grill with the capacity to cook 1,000 hot dogs, 500 hamburgers, or 200 16 oz. steaks at one time. Your brand message come to life on our giant LCD Screen TV, complete with Direct TV Satellite, DJ Entertainment and Sound System designed to keep visitors entertained and informed.

Visit the History Channel for More Information about the Cross Country Cookout Tour, which featured guest appearances by:


For information on how Portside Marketing can help your brand or product launch information using The Ultimate Smoker & Grill, go ahead and contact us. We are happy to tell you all about it!