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10 Ways to Use Social Media to Increase Ranking

Tip #7: Use tags on Facebook and hashtags on Twitter.

For instance, if you are writing about your favorite restaurant (ex: The Cheesecake Factory), tag The Cheesecake Factory business page on Facebook by using the @ symbol. On Twitter, be sure to hashtag The Cheesecake Factory by using the # symbol. When your followers click on the hashtag, this will potentially increase your click-through rates.

Tip #8: Use Pinterest and Tumblr to generate more image traffic.

To jazz up your blog entries a bit, you can add images. Many individuals use Google Image Search to look for their favorite images. For instance, if they type in “toy poodle” into the Google Search function, they’ll be directed to cute pictures of toy poodles. Then, when they click on the image, it could potentially be YOUR image that they are clicking on.

Tip #9: Guest Blog for a high-traffic website within your given niche.

If your website is a tutorial on how to design a website, you can negotiate a contract with the owner of a high-traffic website. When you guest post on said high-traffic website, you can link to your OWN website at the bottom of your guest post. This, in turn, will increase your ranking.

Tip #10: Find forums that are related to your given niche, and then backlink.

One of the best ways to increase ranking is to comment on forums. Simply find a forum that is related to your blog, then leave a comment, and then link back to your blog. Usually, forums allow you to list your signature at the bottom of your comment (i.e. your name, your business name, and your domain name). If other forum commenters are interested in learning more about you, they might click on your domain name/URL.

That’s it! Those were 10 ways you can use social media to increase your search engine ranking. Best of luck!

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