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June 9, 2015

Content Marketing & Quality Content – Google Now Demands It

When it comes to content marketing, quality, nothing will make folks stand up and take action like Google mandating it! And that is what seems to have happened, quietly, without fanfare. Google is rolling out a new algorithm and like many in the past, has been pretty quiet about it. Like all changes to Google’s algorithm, this one is being noticed by content managers and site owners who watch their SERP rankings. Earlier this month, […]
June 6, 2015

The Anatomy of a Press Release and What it Contains

The Anatomy of a Press Release A press release is a newsworthy document generally used to pique the interest of other publications or targeted media outlets. Press releases – which are usually written in third person – must contain at least six crucial bullet points (who is the story about? what is the story referring to? where is the event taking place? when is the event taking place? why is story relevant? how is this […]
July 12, 2013 vs. Tumblr vs. Blogger vs. Tumblr vs. Blogger – The Introduction Are you thinking about creating a blog? If so, you’re on the right track because blogging can be used to promote a business, to promote an upcoming event, or to share the your personal interests. With technology rapidly evolving in this past decade alone, many individuals now choose to communicate via a blog rather than calling someone over the phone. A phone call used to be the […]
June 11, 2013

What is Retargeting and When Should You Use It?

What is Retargeting? Have you ever wondered how you could convert leads into sales? Retargeting is your answer. Prospective consumers are more likely to click on advertisements that are appealing & colorful, as opposed to boring, black & white advertisements. In addition, the delivery and message of your ad should be straightforward – not disingenuous. Thus, if the individual clicks on your advertisement, you have successfully made a lead. Your next goal would be for […]