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10 Biggest Graphic Design Mistakes in Your Marketing Pieces

10 Biggest Graphic Design Mistakes in Your Marketing Pieces

Design work is an intricate process. It is far too important to get wrong.

To produce premium designs, all the little details are essential. That’s why there are several common user interface (UI) design errors and weak points that cause graphic design mistakes.

How can you as a business owner prevent these typical errors?

Keep reading for some tips and suggestions concentrated on assisting you to prevent these graphic design mistakes.

Graphic design is tedious work and includes a great deal of elements to get it right. Such as looking into your services and portraying your brand name and ideas in a way that sends the right message.

Any error in a design such as a logo design, website design, sales brochures, and so on can possibly decrease the prospects your business will connect with.

Well perceived graphic design can turn your organization into a reliable brand name in the eyes of your target audience.

Whether you’re a new business seeking to make the best impression on your very first social media campaign, or you’re an established business looking for new, fresh and creative ideas to get more attention, these graphic design mistakes can derail your marketing efforts and can trigger a loss in growth and engagement for the company.

Let’s look at the ten graphic design mistakes to avoid, that will keep your designs on the right track.

Understand Your Audience

As in all things, the interaction between the customer and your website is vital. While it’s in the interest of your business to like your design, it’s more important to focus on what your target audience enjoys and to supply products and a user experience that benefits them. It’s the obligation of your business to guarantee a great user experience each and every time a potential client or current customer visits your website or shares your content with others. Portside Marketing specializes in providing unforgettable user experiences and graphic design that is captivating and engaging.

We recommend reviewing what your target audience enjoys about your website and doesn’t like and if you’re not sure where to begin, you can call us at 972-979-9316. We welcome you to take advantage of our resources, we will brainstorm with you to come up with exactly what you want your message to be. At the same time creating a graphical design that speaks to your audience and keeps them engaged.

Do Not Go Font Crazy

Having fun with typefaces might be enjoyable, however, if somebody is attempting to read something and you changed the font style nine times in a paragraph, it’ll get irritating and strenuous rapidly. Portside Marketing recommends utilizing no greater than 2 or 3 typefaces in any single design.

Keep a Clear Visual Hierarchy

Constantly attempt to preserve a visual hierarchy between the font designs on your page. Usage contrasting typography to aesthetically divide various levels of text and develop a clear hierarchy is necessary. If a visitor can’t tell what is a heading or a sub-heading they will be confused, causing them to leave your website.

Do not Under Deliver on Your Promise

Out of all the errors covered up until now, this is without a doubt can be the most destructive and serious.

As a brand you want to deliver with your products and services and design. It’s a package deal. As a business you want your customers to see you don’t take shortcuts on any part of your service. Products and user experience combined.

Understand How Repeating Blocks Work

Another graphic design mistake is associated with duplicating blocks, for example how your text and images are laid out, or icons and texts, and so on. You ought to consider how these blocks will look.

When you have features and benefits, for example, you want to format the blocks in a visually appealing way that does not include too much content and possibly include an image inline. This takes skill, forcing you to alter your design to integrate with the writing on the website. To get this right requires a deep understanding of website design.

Image Selection

You’ll likewise want to examine image necessity. There’s no sense in utilizing meaningless however gorgeous pictures from Pixabay if they have no real meaning.

Why? Pictures tend to be abstract.

It’s inadequate to select images quickly. Rather, you must pick images that develop a story or have a much deeper significance.

Whatever you do, do not add images that don’t have to be on the page. Nowadays, visitors end up being overwhelmed by large amounts of unnecessary content. This causes aggravation for your visitors and clutters your design.

Poor Spacing and Padding

Appropriate padding and spacing keep your website looking organized and tidy while making it much easier for readers to comprehend and check out your content.

If the areas are unequal, your page will look unpleasant, and users might not come back.

Not enough padding will crunch all the content together causing confusion on what part goes where there will be no flow or fluency to the page. This makes content hard to read, understand, and consume. This is a big graphic design mistake many business owners fall victim too. Yes, you want your customers to know everything about your brand but that can cause chaos in design.


When you need to reveal significance through a small message or to briefly show a description, icons are exceptionally helpful. They’re likewise an essential part of modern-day user interfaces, specifically on mobile. In applications, icons frequently hold the same importance as buttons.

That’s why it’s really crucial to pick the best visual image to represent the significance of an area.

You want your website to portray a story, utilizing typical and really basic images that will be reasonable to everyone getting to know your business. And you must match these icons with the total design of the UI.

Using White Space

White space can be utilized incorrectly, having too much space in an area, or stuffing too much material into a little location can destroy your design. Getting this right offers an ease and comfortability to your users that allows them to take in your content along with the design and enjoy the experience.

It’s important when having your website designed that white space is used to enhance your design and not a distraction.

Design Overload

The busier your design, the more difficult your user needs to work to draw out the details it provides. Your designs must have a purpose, a goal. If you include too many pieces in your design, it suffocates the user’s experience.

By focusing only on what’s necessary for your viewer to have, you create a beautiful minimalist design for your business that is evergreen.

In Conclusion

The biggest graphic design mistakes affect businesses by costing them potential customers and solidifying the relationship with current customers.

If you’re a business owner and are struggling with these mistakes allow Portside Marketing to help with your design.

Our award-winning designs are simple, fresh, and modern. Our logos get noticed, and we can offer you friendly website instruction that thousands of businesses and individuals alike use every day.

You now understand what graphic design mistakes to avoid, what issues they cause for you, and your clients and how Portside Marketing can help you along the way. Use these tips today and start designing websites that get noticed and if you need help Portside Marketing welcomes you to call (972) 979-9316 and we will assist you in achieving your website design goals.