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Dallas, Texas is ranked as the ninth largest city in the United States and is part of the fourth largest metropolitan area, which encompasses Dallas and Fort Worth.  With an estimated population of 1,281,047 in 2014 it is considered to be a sizable city.  Dallas encompasses over 340 square miles.  Dallas, Texas has become the number 1 go to destination in the state of Texas for world-wide travelers.  Dallas can be reached by air travel from almost anywhere in the United States in about 4 hours.  The Dallas-Ft. Worth airport ranks fourth in the world for being the busiest in air travel with an estimated 1750 flights a day.

When I think of Dallas, Texas I think of the Dallas Cowboys, the Dallas Mavericks, oil fields, the hit TV show called “Dallas”, a large housing boom in the mid 1970’s, and the place where John F. Kennedy was assassinated.  Dallas is rich in sports activities, as well as diversity in shopping and businesses.

Dallas, Texas has a very diverse history, arts, population, numerous colleges and so much to offer that we will look at only a few of the hundreds of things that Dallas is known for.

History of Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas was founded in 1841 by John Neely Bryan on part of the 640 acres he laid claim to after visiting the area from Tennessee and deciding to settle there.  He drew up the first plans for the city by designing the courthouse, town square and the first 20 streets.  He developed Dallas as a permanent settlement instead of a trading post which he originally thought to establish.  Dallas was incorporated in 1856 and became a city in 1871.  The history of Dallas is quite interesting.

Prior to being incorporated, Dallas was just another small town in Texas, but after the Civil War, and after some finagling with the rail road system, Dallas eventually had both north-south (Houston and Texas Central) and east-west (Texas and Pacific Railway) railroad routes intersecting within the city and therefore would become a huge commercial center for all types of commerce.

Dallas is quite well known for having technology.  In 1958, Jack Kilby invented the integrated circuit.  Jack was an employee of Texas Instruments, which is still headquartered in Dallas.  In addition to Texas Instruments, Dallas is also home to LTV Corporation.  There are many technology companies in the Dallas area, and Dallas has been called the Silicon Prairie.

Dallas is not a stranger to recession, although Dallas seems to have come out of it quite nicely.  During the period from 1988 to 2005 Dallas had virtually no commercial construction going.  There were however, some that hung in there and slowly, the decaying, downtown area was revitalized with a market area, art venues, office and residential towers being built, and a general upswing in the livelihood and livability of the downtown area.

In 1907 Neiman Marcus opened a store in the downtown area of Dallas.  In 1930 oil was struck about 100 miles from Dallas, thus making Dallas the center of oil activity and growth from oil related businesses.  Oil has never been found within the city of Dallas, but Dallas has offered financial and technical support for the oil industry.

Dallas is also well known as the city in which John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963.  Although tragic, Dallas was not to blame.  The city had much to be proud of at the time, including the fact that the Dallas Cowboys were in the spotlight, as was entrepreneurs like Mary Kay Ash and Ross Perot.

In 1965, the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth contracted to build an airport, thus securing their future as a major inland commerce area.  Dallas had been the hub of trading when it came to jewelry, wholesale liquor, books and drugs and would eventually be the same for grain from the farmers, cotton and even cattle and buffalo.  Once an agricultural center, Dallas quickly transformed into the fashion retail, banking, insurance and other business center place.  In 1911, the Federal Reserve Bank located a branch in Dallas.

Arts in Dallas, Texas

The arts in Dallas are mostly housed in the Arts District area of downtown Dallas.  The Dallas Center for the Performing Arts Foundation oversees several new projects each year in this area.  At this time, the Wyly Theatre, Meyerson Symphony Center, Nasher Sculpture Center and the Winspear Opera House will occupy four buildings within one continuous block, thus making it the first such arts area in the world all designed by Prizker Architecture Prize winners.  To say that Dallas has limited arts could not be further from the truth.   Dallas holds a huge state fair every year.  There is the Dallas Arboretum which features tons of blooming flowers.  The Dallas Museum of Art has many activities that are engaging for both young and older.  The Dallas World Aquarium is an indoor wonderland that features birds and mammal found in the rainforest.  And let’s not forget the Dallas Zoo.

Population Statistics for Dallas, Texas

The general population estimates for 2014 for the city of Dallas are: 1,281,047 with 50% being female, just over 8% over the age of 65 and 26% under the age of 18; and the ethnicity breakdown is as follows: just over 50% white, 25% black, 42% Hispanic with some of this breakdown being bi-racial.  There are an estimated 48,454 veterans.  Over 80% of residents have lived in the same house for over a year, 24% of the residents are foreign born; 74% have a high school diploma and just under 30% have a 4 year degree or higher.  Just over 43% own their house, with the median value at $129,300.  The median household income is $42,846.

Colleges in the Dallas, Texas area

Dallas, Texas has several colleges in the area that offer a wide variety of courses and degrees.  Below is a listing of them:

  • Richland College
  • Brookhaven College
  • El Centro College
  • Mountain View College
  • Southern Methodist College
  • Dallas Baptist University
  • University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
  • Dallas Theological Seminary

With the abundance of colleges and schools of higher learning that Dallas has to offer, it makes for a higher median income because of the educational opportunities.

Dallas, Texas has so much history and diversity it is a wonderful city to live, work and raise your family.