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What is Facebook Search?

Facebook Search – What is it?

Facebook is always finding new ways to invent itself. Some examples of new inventions are: the News Feed, the Timeline, and now the Facebook Search aka the Graph Search. With Facebook Search, you can naturally search for people, places, photos, videos, and interests. On the contrary, the current version of the Facebook search tool doesn’t offer as much freedom because you have to type in the relevant keywords (i.e. Subway, or The Beatles). With the new Facebook Search, you can enter in a question like, “Where is the newest fast food place?” It will then list various fast food places that your friends have been tagged in.

Why was the Facebook Search function revamped?

Mark Zuckerberg – the founder of Facebook – and co. sought to create a search-engine friendly atmosphere on Facebook. The new up and coming graph search will allow to you type in natural sentences, instead of restricted keywords. Unlike Google however, the new Facebook Search feature lists items within your vicinity. The Facebook Search function provides results within your local area, while Google Search provides results from all across the world.

Facebook Search – Does Grammar Matter?

Yes and no. On Facebook Search, present tense, past tense, and future tense do matter. For example, if you type in “work” and “worked” on separate occasions, you will notice that those words will provide different search results.

Even though it provides different search results for present, past, and future tense, it will provide similar results for grammatically incorrect words. For example, if you were to type in “pics”, Facebook Search would read that as “photos”. All in all, while verb tenses do matter; slang words do not matter. We will be looking for more information about the new Facebook Search in the coming weeks.

Is the Full Version of Facebook Search Available Right Now?

No, only the beta version of Facebook Search is available at the moment. If you would like to try out the feature, you will need to join the waiting list. Facebook will unveil the date of release in the coming weeks.

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