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Facebook vs. Google+: The Phenomenon

Facebook vs. Google+: The Phenomenon

In today’s day and age, Social Media has become somewhat of a necessity. We, as human beings, don’t converse on the phone or text message as much as we used to. Even email messages – which are extremely essential for businesses and for personal use – have become ingrained in our society today. One can simply access local Wi-Fi or power on his/her 3G/4G network through a smartphone to message others via email, Facebook Chat, or Google+ Chat. It is now easier to reach a family member, friend, or peer through more than one means of communication. Technology has advanced with the times, and will continue to improve in the future. In this article, we will note the differences between two similar social networking platforms: the highly popular Facebook vs. the ever-growing Google+.

Facebook vs. Google+: The Differences

Although Facebook and Google+ strive to achieve the same goal, – that is, promoting your business, or connecting with old friends & relatives – there are many technical differences between the two social media platforms.

Difference #1:

When you want to check up on what your friends are up to, when your favorite musicians will be in your town, or when your favorite television show will be back on air, you can check your “News Feed” on Facebook, and your “Stream” on Google+. While these two terms achieve the same goal, each uses its own unique technical term to describe the specific action and/or goal.

Difference #2:

Have you ever had the urge to share a picture, or show off a new outfit on your profile? If yes, you can do so by posting said picture on your “Timeline” or “Facebook Wall” on Facebook, and your “Profile” on Google+. Simple, right?

Difference #3:

The point of social media is to socialize with others – so you can add friends or acquaintances by “Friending” someone on Facebook, and “Adding to Circles” on Google+.

Difference #4:

One downside to social media is it could be a little too public for your taste. Privacy is a necessity in life; therefore, you can privately message someone on Facebook via “Inbox” or “Facebook Chat”. On Google+, you can shoot someone a private instant message via “Messenger”.

Difference #5:

On these two platforms, you are not restricted to just status updates and photo sharing. You are also given the option of posting videos – albeit your own unique video, or a viral video that you found on YouTube. To do so, share your video by clicking on “Facebook Video” on Facebook as well as “Hangouts” on Google+.

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