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Facebook vs. Google+: The Phenomenon

Difference #6:

A search bar is convenient for websites, and for Facebook and Google+ as well. Clicking Control+F on a PC or Command+F on a MAC can sometimes feel like a time consumer. To search for a person, place, or thing on Facebook, use the “Facebook Graph Search” bar. To search for someone or something on Google+, use the “Search in Google+” feature. Google+ has since removed their previous search feature called “Sparks” back in November 2012.

Difference #7:

One myth about social media is that the LIKE button slightly boosts one’s confidence… so hit that LIKE button on your friend’s status, and give him/her another reason to smile. On Facebook, click the “Facebook Like” button and on Google+, hit that “+1 Button”.

Difference #8:

Social Media is extremely essential for businesses today. Instead of calling your clients one by one, you can now send a mass email or status update via your preferred social networking platform. You can promote your own business by creating a “Facebook Page” on Facebook as well as a “Google+ Page” on Google+.

Difference #9:

Want to show off the places that you are currently visiting? How about the specific location of your business? Check into a local place or your own business via “Places” on Facebook, and “Google+ Local” on Google+.

Difference #10:

Celebrate the start of your business or the success of your company by setting up an event. Click “Create an Event” on Facebook and “Google+ Events” on Google+. Events are a great way to gain more clients, and to spread the word about your company via word of mouth.

Difference #11:

Are you tired of gaming on a regular Xbox, Play Station, or Wii? Online gaming is a good way to connect with peers, or to make more online friends. To game on Facebook, you can add a “Facebook Application” or use “Facebook Credits” Keep in mind that “Credits” is a paid feature, as opposed to “Applications” which is free to use. Google+, however, have recently removed their gaming feature in June 2013.

Difference #12:

Last but not least, both social media platforms are mobile-friendly. On Facebook Mobile, you can upload photos, videos, status updates, check-ins, and more. On Google Plus, you can “Instantly Upload” something, or engage in a “Mobile Hangout” with someone.

For your convenience, we have attached a diagram comparing the differences between Facebook and Google+ in the diagram below:

Facebook vs. Google+: The Phenomenon

Facebook vs. Google+: The Phenomenon

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