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Google Ranking in 2017 – Learning What Matters

If the goal for your website is to boost its Google ranking in 2017, then it is important to know what factors matter most. Some factors that mattered just a few short years ago no longer carry the same weight. Now, you must focus your attention on the experience you can provide your visitors over everything else. Here are the most important factors when it comes to giving your website the best ranking possible.

Mobile Websites Are a Great Way to Boost Your Google Ranking

2017 is all about making the visitor’s experience as optimal as it can be. That is why you need to focus on your potential customers in order to have a high Google ranking. You want visitors to be able to see what you have to say, no matter what device they visit your website on. Since more than half of internet searches are done on smartphones, you need to make sure you are catering to this portion of the population. Go through and make sure your website is able to be viewed on mobile devices. Then go through and make sure your site is optimized for those who view it on smaller devices. Take out features that are only really effective when viewed on a big screen. That way, their visit isn’t bogged down with features that really aren’t going to benefit them anyway.

Using Keywords is Necessary for High Google Ranking, But They Must Be Used Properly

Keywords have always been important when it comes to Google ranking, but proper keyword usage is far more important than simply using them. If you use too many keywords, or too many repetitions of the same keyword, your Google ranking is apt to go down. Keywords must be used naturally, and they must make sense where you put them. Having a page talking about health and nutrition, with a lot of vacation-based keywords is going to wind up with a much lower Google ranking than a health and nutrition page with a bunch of healthy recipes. Use keywords that make sense. Make sure they are used properly, such as in the title and some headers. Also use them where they fit in the body. Make sure you cover the topic you are working on to the reader’s advantage. The point isn’t to shove tons of keywords down the reader’s throat. You want the reader to feel better informed for having come to your website after their visit. Also, be sure to understand how important your reputation is in online marketing.

Social Media is an Important Google Ranking Factor

When you want to reach a lot of people with what you have to say, social media is the way to go. You can say just a few words and get a lot of people to take notice. Make sure that you link all of your social media accounts to your website. That way, people who like your website when they visit it, can keep up with updates about your content and the conversations you have. Talk with people. Start conversations and build relationships. This is an important factor for both your Google ranking and your SEO efforts. Take advantage of social media, and get your name out there. The more people are talking about you, the higher your Google ranking has the ability to go!

Content Is Still the Most Important Google Ranking Factor for All Websites

SEO efforts are great. However, if they do not address your content, they are missing the mark. Google wants your focus to be on visitors. This means catering to the way they want to look at your website, and providing them with important information. For years, websites full of keywords and fluff got a high Google ranking simply because they had the right number of keywords. That is no longer the case. Google now takes what you say into account what you say, not just the keywords. Now you must focus those SEO efforts on making sure that you cover your topics completely.

Make sure that all of your website content is unique, and is informative. Your readers are coming to you to solve a problem they have. Either your products or services appear to be that solution. They want to read what you have to say to know one way or the other. Use keywords that show off what your product or service has to offer, only where they apply. Otherwise, fill in the content with information that will benefit the people who read it. Show your readers you know what you are talking about. This helps them trust you, and feel as though they would be better off by turning to you. To provide searchers with the best solutions is the entire reason for the Google ranking system in the first place.

For Help with Your Google Ranking, Turn to Portside Marketing for the Most Effective Efforts

Having an effective SEO strategy that addresses all of these Google ranking factors is the best way to get your website noticed. By turning to people that have the experience you need, you give yourself the best chances of a high Google ranking. This lets more people know who you are and what you can offer.

To reach Portside Marketing for help with your SEO, contact them at (972)979-9316 and let them see what they can do to help boost your Google ranking today!