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Reputation Management & Marketing

Reputation Management & Marketing

Reputation Management & Marketing – Get a 5-star Reputation

When it comes to reputation management and marketing, social proof is one of the strongest referral generators available, whether it is a recommendation from a friend, family member or a complete stranger. When we read reviews, we respond accordingly. Social proof is simply, reviews online in some fashion, including Google, Yelp, Facebook, Pinterest or any other place where folks can leave a review. In many cases, it is a 5-star system in which the public can add a review of your service or product. It is this 5-star system that can actually make or break a business owner if they are online.

Consider this. The Jones family just moved into the neighborhood and they are looking for a family dentist. They head on over to Google and type in “family dentist.” The search engine results page (SERP) comes up and there is a map box with addresses, some with stars and reviews indicated. Take a look at the image below that the Jones family sees. Which listing would you click on first?


If you picked one of the ones with 4.5 stars, you would be similar to 95% of others who perform and react to search results. We are immediately drawn to the visual clues and if they are positive, we would click on those with the highest stars first. Now consider the image below and think about if there are any of these you would NOT click on?


If you selected one of the businesses with the 2.4 or 2.5-star rating, again, you would be in the majority. What a shame, as these two business are ranking on PAGE ONE of Google for a competitive keyword in a larger metropolitan area.

This is why you need reputation management!

We specialize in fixing negative reputations but also, encourage businesses to think about being proactive when it comes to their reputation. Don’t wait until you get a bad rep to hire us, we have packages that can get you ahead of the game and build a 5-star reputation!

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