Instagram Marketing - Why Instagram is Excellent for Online Marketing

Instagram is a wonderful social media platform that can give your online marketing a boost. There are quite a few things that you might want to take into account when you enhance your online presence. Prominently increasing the dominance of your social media efforts is one of the most important. There are so many social media websites that will enhance your online marketing efforts, each with it’s own specific benefits in marketing aspects. Many users like Pinterest for location-based promotions. Facebook, of course, totally dominates everything! LinkedIn is mainly useful for professional endeavors. When it comes to images and pictures, Instagram is a key platform.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social media platform which enables people to post pictures of themselves or places that they’ve visited, foods they’ve enjoyed, clothes they’ve purchased, family, friends – basically everything that’s worth taking a picture of. As you may suppose, it went viral pretty quickly and has hundreds of millions of users worldwide. In fact, it became so popular that industry leading giant Facebook bought it and integrated it within its own social media.

Why is Instagram so Hot?

It’s hot because it provides a tremendous amount of marketing opportunities. After posting pictures, friends and followers see them on feeds. You are also allowed to caption the pictures, which provide additional marketing potential. To help your efforts, posting content that people will interact with is key. If people find them interesting or funny, they often share them on Instagram or on other social media websites.

Many celebrities are active on Instagram, posting pictures of their daily lives, gathering many followers. More followers is key to get the best benefit from using this or any other social media platform in your marketing strategy. The more people that follow you, the bigger your audience and potential marketing reach are. Let’s say that you have a fan base of 1 million people, which isn’t unusual for Instagram influencers. You decide that you want to post something of interest, for instance – your trip to your local Museum. This is immediately going to get on the feed of 1 million people. Consider the exposure the mentioened museum gets from just one single photo post. Another good example – imagine you are modeling for a shoe company. Posting the same picture but placing the emphasis that you got there with your new kickers and redirecting them to the page you bought them from – this would be an excellent advertising method for the shoe company.

The Future

Instagram is not going away. Like Twitter, something that seemed so benign has become a powerhouse for marketing and advertising. It just goes to show; marketing creativity is all you need to get your message in front of millions of people. Using social media can be a powerful, less expensive medium in your online marketing arsenal.

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