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Have you ever thought to yourself, should I build my own website? There are some really great websites out there built by lucky novice website builders. It is possible that you could wind up among them and leave your mark on the internet. However, there are many things you need to consider if you plan to build a website for yourself. Here are just a few things to keep in mind, if that is what you intend to try.

Build My Own Website Considerations

If you want to DIY your own website, you need to keep a few things in mind. Websites are complicated. They require a lot of work to set up, plus to maintain. It is easy to pick out a URL, put up a theme, and add a few words, but that is not what you ultimately need. You need the right URL for your business, or you will not get the visitors you want. Plus, you need the right theme to give your website the perfect look. However, the theme is not all you need for that perfect look. If are one who is going to ‘build my own website’, then you need to know what all works together to give you that perfect look.

Images and layout are two of the most important considerations to any website. They need to be unique to you, and workable for your customers. How you have your images placed, and how you have your menu and content laid out matters. It is not as simple as putting them up and hoping people like it. You need to think about how your website will be used. When people come to your website, you need them to intuitively know how to use it. If your layout is wrong, people will leave your website for other, better-built websites.

What Color Works if I Want to Build My Own Website?

Color is another important consideration for anyone that wants to build a website. It may seem like you can go with any color, but that is not accurate. If you pick the wrong color, it can give your customers the wrong impression and cause them to leave your website. This can be a difficult decision to make. It can take understanding what each color represents in order to better make that choice.

Red is great for passion and love, but it can also show violence or be a color of war. Orange is usually considered a color of vitality and energy. However, it can also represent movement or warmth, such as a fireplace in Autumn. Yellow represents happiness in most cases. Yet, it can also represent such extremes as hope and violence or danger. Green is a great color for growth, but it can also represent envy and wealth. Blue hues represent stability to some, and sadness to others. Purple is a sign of creativity, royalty, affluence, and imagination. However, some see purple and assume mourning, so it must be used carefully.

When using multiple colors, you also need to consider if the colors will clash or match up and look nice. Some color combinations, like black and white, look good on most websites and make the content easy to read. However, some colors, like pink and red, may apply to your business, but could make content nearly impossible to read. These two colors, while great for Valentine’s Day, clash when put together. They make words difficult to read, which can make people leave your website for ones that make reading less of a literal headache. Make sure you think about this objectively.

I Might Be Able to Build My Own Website, But Can I SEO It Too?

It is one thing to think, I can build my own website. However, it is totally different to think, I can build my own website and SEO it, too. Sorry to say, there are very few individuals who can do both, build a new website and SEO that same website, without experience or training. SEO takes a lot of time, and the right techniques to work. If you do the wrong thing, you not only can hurt your website’s ranking, but you can also take your website totally offline. Google has been known to deindex sites using the wrong SEO tactics as a way of preserving the website doing the right work. Do you know what these tactics are, or would you just guess? If you would simply guess, you are better off hiring someone that knows the difference.

What Risks Will I Face if I Build My Own Website?

This is a very important question to ask yourself. Building your own website is a difficult task. If you do it wrong, you could wind up with some intense consequences. Saying the wrong thing in the wrong way, anywhere in your content, could result in someone claiming you have false advertisements. It could say you promise something or guarantee something. If anything goes wrong with a customer, it could result with you paying for something by order of a judge.

On top of content risks, you also need to consider security risks. Should you take any personal information from your customers, how will you keep it safe? If you do not have the right security processes set up, that information could wind up in the wrong hands. Those protocols are meant to help keep you and your customers safe. However, if you do not have those protocols in place, it could become quite a problem.

While You May Be Able to Build Your Own Website, You May Not Want To

When you believe I can build my own website, you must consider both the reasons to try it, and the reasons to avoid it. The risks are serious. It could cost you a lot if you are not careful or do the work properly. Instead of taking these risks, hiring a professional website designer allows you to put your worries aside and enjoy your new website.

Call us here at Portside Marketing and let us help you get the look and feel, plus safety, of your dream website. We can be reached at (972)979-9316 today! Instead of thinking, I can build my own website, think, I can hire the perfect professionals to do the job.