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Web Design: Mediums to Consider with Logo Design

Logo Design Samples for Web DesignWeb design can take your business to the next level. In fact, web design is practically a necessity in this day and age. Web and logo design go hand in hand for reaching a wider audience than you could ever imagine.

Here at Portside Marketing in Dallas, Texas we want to share our logo and web design expertise with your company. Time has shown that logos are a key identifying factor. They help your customers and potential customers recognize your company across a variety of platforms. Your logo and your web page will work together to create a clear image of what your company stands for. Many entrepreneurs focus on creating a logo that aligns well with their web design without considering other possible mediums. While creating a web-friendly logo is important, it’s equally important to have a logo that is versatile over several different mediums.

Incorporating Your Logo into Web Design and Beyond

Your company’s web design will proudly include your company’s logo. However, there are other places you’ll want to display your logo as well. Your logo will identify your company’s office, business cards, website, and social media platform. Your logo can also take your company beyond these typical locations into new areas.

Logo and web design have shifted recently. They are both taking on a more modern look which removes complex details. Instead, the focus is on a smooth and simplified design. One reason for this change is due to the ability to replicate a simple design in more ways. Some companies are even focusing on icon logos without the use of words. This allows your logo to transcend to an even larger variety of platforms.

Take a look at our logo design portfolio for logo ideas.

Focusing on Logo Design and Scaling

With a focus on logo and web design, it’s easy to forget that a company’s logo must be able to scale up and down for real life applications. You don’t want an overly complex logo that is unclear when scaled down. Similarly, you don’t want an overly plain logo that appears to vague when scaled up. It’s not uncommon for some companies to have more than one logo. These secondary logos are usually made for a specific use. If a company decides to go this route, it’s very important that the logo be equally recognizable in the various mediums. A potential customer should be able to see both logos and easily understand that they are for the same company.

Having a flexible and easily translatable logo allows your company more opportunities to reach customers. If a potential customer isn’t able to connect your primary and alternate logos then you could be missing out on building brand equity. Often times a secondary logo is a scaled down version of the primary logo. You don’t want to change too many features and make it unrecognizable.

Additional Logo and Web Design Tips

When creating your primary or secondary logo, try to keep the same basic design elements and color scheme. This allows your potential customers to quickly and easily link the two versions. By focusing on the stronger elements of your logo then you will help it stand out. Think about symbols that easily identify your brand. Use these symbols in your logo and incorporate them into your web design.

You can also hold a focus group to see how your customers feel about various aspects of your logo and web design. Focus on specific elements that you feel are the most relevant. Ask if they are easily identifiable across all logo and web design. You want your customers to have a positive reaction to your logo. You also want to incorporate this feeling throughout every medium your logo is displayed. Incorporate the positive logo image throughout your website. This will provide your customers with a feeling of security while building a relationship with your brand.

Additional Mediums for Logo Display

Think about all mediums that your logo may be displayed. In addition to using your logo throughout your web design you will want it to work well with business signage. If your employees wear uniforms or name tags then the logo should be proudly displayed there as well. Include your logo on your stationary, envelopes, business cards, invoices, and receipts. If your customer interacts with it, then it should have your logo displayed. More people will see your logo as it is displayed over more mediums.

Some companies even sponsor school or sporting events to help their logo become seen and familiar in the community. If your company relies on vehicles then it’s also a good idea to print your logo on your company vehicles. There are so many great ways to display your logo and you want to be sure that you have a superior logo that can be easily recognized on all of these mediums.

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