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Will the future of website development be automated?

As AI technology becomes more prevalent, the list of jobs that are becoming obsolete continues to grow. People in a variety of fields are beginning to panic, wondering if their job is next. Their fears are legitimate; after all, if AI can learn based on new information, is any job really safe? Website design specialists may be particularly concerned about the influx of AI into the sphere.

Will the future of website development be automated?

The Likelihood of Becoming Obsolete

Before you hit the panic button on the rising number of AI development process in the web design industry, it’s helpful to determine if your job is at risk.  Some of the most likely candidates for automation involve factory work, repetitious processing, or other tasks that require little human interaction. This doesn’t mean that web designers are off the hook, it simply means that in order to thrive, designers must find a way to remain relevant in a world that demands instant results.

For web design, this may require a fundamental change in the way that designers interact with clients. It may alter the process, integrating different levels of client involvement or it may mean that designers must focus on the creative aspects of their work. Studies have shown that creativity is one of the best defenses against automation. With that in mind, web design specialists can be optimistic about the future.

How Can Web Designers Respond to AI Technology?

Embrace Change

Cautionary tales of companies failing to adapt to a changing market litter the business landscape. Kodak, once the leader in photography equipment and supplies, became nearly obsolete when they refused to embrace digital photography. Blockbuster failed to innovate and change with customer demands and went bankrupt, losing market presence to Netflix. As technology advances, companies that adapt to the changing processes can thrive. Those that ignore new developments will find themselves sitting on the sidelines as newer, more relevant businesses acquire their customer base.

Even though web design is a relatively new field, it would be easy for designers to get stuck in the rut of doing things the ‘way they’ve always been done’. Intimidated by the possibility of being innovated out of a job, many designers want to push back against the changes in technology.  This happens by refusing to acknowledge the rising number of AI processes already being used, or by leaving the field altogether. Website design specialists can learn from the mistakes of others and embrace the changes that are happening within the website development industry.

Harness New Methodologies

As AI platforms continue to evolve, it may seem as though clients will be able to manage their own website development needs. Should designers abandon their work, conceding the market to the AI process? Absolutely not. Rather than despair over the development of AI processes, designers should learn to harness the power of AI and use it to their advantage.

Automated processes allow web designers to focus on the creative aspects of their job. Regardless of the platform being used, there are automated tasks that can be handled easily by AI. Turning those tasks over to automation gives you the opportunity to spend time crafting designs that are specific to the client’s preferences (something that AI processes can’t address).

In addition, AI processes can provide you with clear insight into analytics. Working behind the scenes, AI can run A/B testing, identify design elements that are successful or track customer engagement. These time-consuming tasks can be relegated to AI programming and run without any additional intervention on the part of the designer.

Historical Reference

Innovation has replaced other jobs in design categories. Typesetters were made irrelevant by the advent of programs such as Adobe and QuarkXPress. However, it did not dismiss the need for designers to put the entire project together. Similarly, the invention of the calculator had an impact on mathematical processes, but instead of eliminating the need for mathematicians, it allowed them to work faster and do more with their results.  The introduction of AI into web design is simply the next phase of technology’s integration into the work place. Like the calculator, AI can become a tool that enables web designers to work smarter and more effectively in less time. The secret is in how you approach it.

Bracing for the Future

Web design specialists must learn to embrace AI technology and prepare for a future that involves automated processes.

Find training programs. Look for the opportunity to take coding classes, AI development and usage courses or other intensive trainings that will help you integrate the new processes into your business.

Focus on your client. AI can’t identify and pivot to meet the needs of your clients. Concentrating on the human side of design is something that web designers can (and must) do.

Understand the end user. Design is more than the layout of a page or the elements included in the page header. Understanding the psychology of why humans make the choices they do, and the fundamental reasons for how pages are laid out is something that only a live web design specialist can manage. AI has specific capabilities, but it will not ever replace the personal touches that only you can provide.

Choose to move forward. Like many businesses, new technologies in web design are the way of the future. As a web design specialist, you can look toward the future with confidence if you adapt to the use of new methodologies. Decide to be an innovator, and then work to offer your clients the best of both worlds – AI processes where it is relevant, and the human side where it is more beneficial.

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