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10 Most Memorable Logos and Why they Work

When you think about some of your favorite brands, what comes to mind? Most likely their logo is one of the first things that pops up. Why? Because it’s they have memorable logos. When you remember the logo you’re typically going to remember the brand as well and that’s just what advertisers and businesses want. Chances are if you remember the brand you’re more likely to support it.

What makes a memorable logo?

If you think glitz and glamour make the most memorable logos, think again. Research has shown that simple logos are often the most memorable. Memorable logos are more likely to not only get a customer’s attention (and keep it) but also makes them more likely to want to learn more about the brand. Some of the things that make a logo memorable include:

  • Few words (typically no more than four)
  • Three or less colors
  • Few design effects

Think about the saying “less is more” when it comes to memorable logos. Take a look at 10 of the most memorable logos to see how they fit the mold when it comes to simple, yet effective logos.


A red bulls-eye says it all here. This logo uses one color, no words, and no glitzy effects. It also helps that the bulls-eye goes hand in hand with the brand “Target”. There is no denying that the red bulls-eye belong to Target. The brand has done so well with the logo that no words are necessary.


When people see the golden arches they know cheeseburgers and fries are nearby. The golden arches are often seen at rest stops from afar and are synonymous with the McDonald’s brand. The golden arches are an iconic logo that has lasted generations.


People have come to know Nike by the “swoosh” for decades. One color, one design is all that is needed. A fun fact about this logo is that one of Nike’s co-founders wasn’t too fond of the logo in the beginning, but decided to go with it anyway! Good choice!


Why not use an image that directly relates to your company name? That’s just what Apple did with its logo. No words needed here, just an apple for Apple, simply stated. This logo has also served the company well throughout the years.


Coca-Cola is one of the most iconic logos out there. It’s simply stated and has been around for decades. Everyone who sees it knows exactly what brand is being advertised.


Just like its competitor, Coca-Cola, Pepsi also has a memorable logo that resonates with people all around the globe. Although it has changed a bit throughout the years, the basic colors have not. The red, white, and blue color pattern inside of a circle is what people have grown to know as the symbol for the Pepsi brand.


Like many of its other memorable logo friends, Ford has a simple logo that states the brand. The Ford logo as we know it with its two colors, one word, and one oval shape has been in existence since 1927 when the Model A vehicle was released.


Another great company who took the simple route with its logo and had it pay off is Google. Google uses the company name with simple colors and font. Although the logo saw some variation in 2010 when one of the “O’s” got a more orange hue, nothing much has changed. As with many of the other logos, it’s a case of “it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

Mercedes Benz

For almost 100 years, the three-pointed star with a circle around it has become a symbol of the Mercedes Benz brand. The logo saw a few changes throughout the years, but the logo we know today evolved from the merger of DMG and Benz & Cie. There is no mistaking what kind of car you’re seeing when this logo is shown.


Starbucks’ logo is another that has received several makeovers over the years. But, the one we see and know today is the symbol coffee lovers look for when they want a fresh brew. An image of a two-tailed mermaid or siren is the only image needed to know a Starbucks is near. The company got rid of the word “Starbucks” and decided to just go with the symbol…a move that seems to be working just fine.

A logo goes a long way with a company and can last decades if done right. As you can see you don’t need to go over the top to have a winning design. But, sometimes keeping it simple can be more difficult than dressing up a logo in different ways.

That’s where Portside Marketing comes in. As the proud recipient of ten American Web Design Awards, let the team at Portside Marketing help you win when it comes to designing memorable logos people will remember.

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