Logo Design & Brand Development

When you think about the most memorable brands, Coca Cola, Nike, McDonald’s, you will find they all have something in common. Simply brand marks (we call them logos), memorable graphic representations of who you are as a company. Your brand should reflect you in a very simple, effective way. To achieve that, Portside Marketing has a very simple, yet effective process that helps you build your brand, quickly and effectively.

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 Print Marketing & Advertising

Here you will find some of our print marketing pieces, targeted for print advertising.  In most cases, Portside Marketing also handles the printing of the pieces, which ensures the highest standards our clients have come to expect.

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Your Website – Your Epicenter

Building a brand is an integral piece in growing your business. There are many aspects to consider when building your brand. At the epicenter of every future campaign is your website, which is your online headquarters. It is where your customers will come to make the decision on whether to hire you, use your services or visit your establishment. It must build trust, convey your lead in the market and instill confidence in your prospective customer.

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