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GMB Suspended? | Fix It Quickly With This Simple Guide

We can’t deny that Google is the creme de la creme of search engines. But… make the wrong move and you’ll ask yourself what did I do? Why is my GMB (Google My Business) account suspended? This article will simplify the steps on what you should do if your GMB is suspended? 

Suspension of your GMB account can happen for many reasons. As a business owner, you need to understand why. We are here to help with that. 

Let’s dissect what you should do if Google suspends your GMB account and make your reinstatement as quick as possible. 

What Is A Google My Account Suspension?

Simply put, a Google My Account (GMB) suspension occurs when you fail to follow the guidelines Google sets for your free business listing on Google and Google Maps.

Your business listing is no longer visible for anyone searching for your business (depending on the suspension). 

Google is saying something about your account that concerns them. You need to prove it valid in order for Google to reinstate it.  

Insider Tip: Sometimes Google will suggest starting a new account or listing. This could solve the problem but at a steep cost. Doing this will cause you to lose any ranking status you’ve earned. Also, any customer reviews left for your business will be withdrawn. If you give the necessary proof and follow the guidelines, your original account can be reinstated.  

How Serious is Your Suspension?

Knowing what you should do when your GMB is suspended must include understanding the kind of suspension you’re dealing with. It’s hard to fix anything correctly if you don’t have the right details. 

So let’s talk about the types of suspensions there are. 

Google has two major suspension types, it’s easy to find out which one you have. Go to google maps and search for your business there. Is it there?

If it’s not you have what Google calls a hard suspension. But if it’s still there but you can’t interact with it you have a soft suspension

What’s a Hard Suspension?

This is the very worst suspension you can have, your business listing is no longer present on google or google maps. This is a situation where you can lose all of your reviews. 

What’s a Soft Suspension?

Soft suspensions are caused more often than not by a user attached to the account. In this case, google just disables the account, but it’s still visible in search. 

GMB Suspensions Triggers

Account Issues – At times there may be someone managing your GMB account for you. It could be an account manager or an SEO agency that you entrusted with this task. This user sometimes can make too many updates to the account that looks spammy. 

For example, making too many map edits is a red flag for Google. The user can also do other things that cause a violation of the GMB guidelines (we’ll talk more about that later).

Manual Suspensions – This means that a Google employee has seen suspicious activity and has personally decided to suspend your account from google maps. This primarily occurs because of you being reported, through a Business Redressal Complaint Form

Google trains their employees to be cautious, meaning that you must prove your innocence if there’s any doubt in their minds about the validity of your account. This is when you receive a soft suspension and have to go through the reinstatement process. 

GMB Algorithmic Sweeps – This is a program used to confirm that all GMB accounts are abiding by the guidelines. In June 2019 an algorithmic sweep was done, increasing suspensions drastically. Google is searching for sensitive business categories.

This is the hardest type of suspension to troubleshoot and the most common cause of suspensions. An example of a sensitive business category is listing your business hours as 24 hours when it’s not. Another trigger is something simple like not properly listing your address. 

Let’s look at some other common reasons for suspensions and how you can clear them up.  

Common Suspensions For GMB Accounts and How To Fix Them

  1. Adding keywords into your business name – Only use the name you have listed with the secretary of the state.  Don’t add anything extra. 
  2. Changing your physical address – Sometimes you will get asked to redo your verification process with Google My Business, but sometimes you’re just suspended. Just put your old address, and of course the new address on the reinstatement form. 
  3. Creating multiple listings for the same business – Don’t do this – if you have one place of business only list that one. If you are suspended, remove any other fake listing you have from your user dashboard. Or include the URL and express your apologies to google on your reinstatement. 
  4. Creating multiple listings at the same address – Just like we said earlier, cancel/ remove any fake address and have all your documents prepared to show confirmation of legal proof there is actually another business at that location. 
  5. Listing your business is open 24 hours when it actually isn’t – If your business staff is not physically at your business establishment you can’t list this. Even if you have tech support for 24 hours. Google wants proof of when your location is physically open and closed. You must adjust your business hours to actual hours of operation. 
  6. Listing your address at a co-working space or virtual office – This is a no-fly zone for google. This is something that stands out like a sore thumb to them and to your competition (don’t think they won’t notice). In most cases moving is the only option, then afterward you must gain trust with tons of proof showing your new location. These are tough to get reinstated. 

Some other common behaviors that cause suspension are:

  • Repeat edits over short periods of time.
  • Your pin marker being in a peculiar location (for example landing on a highway).
  • Having too many account users making too many suspicious edits.

The Best Way to Protect Your GMB 

Follow the guidelines laid out for you, be honest with all the information you have about your business. Make sure you constantly keep your account up to date with the most current information about the business. It may be a good idea to hire a street view photographer so they can refresh your signage for your business also. 

More importantly, trying to be one step ahead of google is a losing battle, you always get caught. Do things right with Portside Marketing. They can assist with website design, SEO, and brand development to get you noticed and found on google without any rule-bending. 

Today you learned What you should do if your GMB is suspended. You learned what a suspension is, the types of suspensions Google enforces, and the most common suspensions to look out for. Also, don’t forget you know how to fix them now.

Having your business disappear overnight can be scary. Working with Portside Marketing will give you the peace of mind and confidence to grow your traffic organically and safely the way Google intended. If you need more information on what you should do if your GMB is suspended then call Portside Marketing at (972) 979-9316.