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What happens when you hire a professional online dental marketing company who has the experience and track record of ranking dentists online? All roads lead to your practice! Portside Marketing is proud to show yet another example of how effective, strategic marketing for dentists can be effective.

Online Dental Marketing Results

The image below shows the results from a search for “Dentist Hebron Ohio” and the results clearly showing how we have dominated the market for this dentist. Using white hat seo techniques that are pure and within Google’s terms of service, which we feel is very important, we have successfully ranked this dentist in over twenty key phrases commonly searched for dental marketing.

Google Online Ranking Results – Dental Marketing Example

Google Ranking - Online Dental Marketing Done Right


Dentists are constantly being contacted by various agencies, marketing companies, service providers and more, inundated with information and promises to get them more traffic, clicks, likes and more. How does a dentist or practice weed through all if the hype? Simple. Results. You want to find a company that has consistent results over years of experience in online marketing. Google and other entities are constantly changing the rules, so it is important to find a company that delivers results throughout. It does not really matter how many clicks, likes or views you get. What matters is, how much revenue did your campaign produce!

WHen it comes to online dental marketing or marketing for dentists, Portside Marketing measures your return on investment (ROI) to be sure you are seeing results in the form of revenue. We constantly monitor and meet with our clients to better serve them and make adjustments sooner, so that each campaign garners the best result. To us, your success is our success and rightly so. You should only be paying for results.

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