Your Team

Your Team

Marketing Associate

Every client gains a Marketing Associate. This is the team member who you can consider part of YOUR business. Your business is their focus and your Marketing Associate will work diligently to understand your business and specific goals. Initially, you can expect your Marketing Associate to spend time understanding your current state and working with you to develop your future state strategy. After the initial marketing plans are in place, your Marketing Associate will continue to monitor your campaigns and check in periodically to ensure you are seeing results.

  • Your virtual marketing department focused on your goals
  • Analyzes your unique business requirements and goals
  • Researches and delivers specific marketing reports
  • Develops 1-, 3- and 5-year marketing strategies
  • Delivers quarterly reports with success factors and


Online Technologist

These are the tech guys. Like our founders, they live to be on the cutting edge of technology and employ the most effective strategies to fulfill your marketing goals online. Our technologists are highly trained and execute our specific, proven processes and tools to achieve amazing results. That’s how we can confidently offer our money-back guarantees! These guys pride themselves in never having to disappoint a client.

  • Highly trained team of technology experts
  • Implements and deploys online marketing campaigns
  • Delivers results on marketing campaigns
  • Builds blogs, websites and online social media portals
  • Creates smart phone applications


Social Media Expert

Think Chatty Kathy! Our Social Media Experts know just what to say, when to say it and where to say it. Facebook, Twitter, Yelp. Whether it’s a blog, forum or mobile phone app, our team understands what the search engines are looking for and more importantly, what triggers customers to respond. We do not simply SPAM the social media portals, these guys target specific content that delivers.

  • Creates social media campaigns
  • Builds traffic on social media apps
  • Writes articles, press releases and blogs
  • Builds interactive customer communication


Business Coach

Our Business Coaches have worked with a vast number of small to medium businesses. In working with so many clients, they have found similar patterns, including strengths, weaknesses and challenges. Our coaches are available for consulting and can offer your business a full compliment of business coaching and ideas.

  • Spends time to understand your business and goals
  • Analyzes your current marketing plan and business
  • Builds a 1-, 3- and 5-year marketing strategy
  • Trusted adviser to your business