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Lisa shares some quotes, along with her thoughts, feelings and in some cases advice!
December 16, 2020

10 Biggest Graphic Design Mistakes in Your Marketing Pieces

10 Biggest Graphic Design Mistakes in Your Marketing Pieces Design work is an intricate process. It is far too important to get wrong. To produce premium designs, all the little details are essential. That’s why there are several common user interface (UI) design errors and weak points that cause graphic design mistakes. How can you as a business owner prevent these typical errors? Keep reading for some tips and suggestions concentrated on assisting you to […]
December 16, 2020

Print Marketing Trends – Branding 2020

Print Marketing Trends – Branding 2020 Why Print Will Never Die When you work in marketing, keeping up with the latest trends in the name of the game. As some technologies and strategies become obsolete others take off like a rocket ship. It’s important to aware of what’s trending and what’s losing steam. After all, it doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with digital or print marketing trends, you have to stay sharp.  The best part […]
June 17, 2020
5 Ways to Market on a Budget

Get Top 5 DIY Marketing Tips to Simple Marketing

No matter if it’s a big recognizable company or a small business just getting started, both face challenges when marketing their products or services. For a smaller business, the budget is often an issue. So, in this article, we are going to share the most effective top 5 DIY marketing tips that get results. And don’t worry, these tips won’t blow your entire budget. Let’s uncover these top 5 DIY marketing tips so your business […]
June 25, 2019
Business Assets for Marketing

Important Business Assets You Need to Have

When you own a business there are many things to consider. From inventory to employees to accounting, you’re always busy doing something. One thing that can’t get lost in the shuffle is how you market your business and manage your business assets. These days everyone goes online to look for a business or service they need. Once they find a few, they search how successful they are via reviews. That’s why you need to make […]
December 14, 2018
Digital Marketing

What are the Different Types of Digital Marketing?

The term “Digital Marketing” has grown in scope and meaning over the years. Two decades ago digital marketing could have referred to the type of old bank signs that told time and temperature.  Today it could refer to several different types of internet marketing that have become more effective than print advertising.  If you’re in the business world, it’s important that you understand what each subset of digital marketing entails. Likewise, it’s important to know […]

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Lisa shares some quotes, along with her thoughts, feelings and in some cases advice! Here are just a few.
October 25, 2016

Books Are Like Water

Quote of the Day - Books Are Like Waterqoute
July 5, 2016

How to Be Successful

Quote of the Day - How to Be Successful
January 10, 2016

Treat It As A Learning Experience

Quote of the Day by Portside Marketing

Logo Design Tips – Branding You or Your Company

Logo design tips are plentiful and we could probably write a book about it. When thinking about creating a brand, you used to only have to worry about how it would look “in neon lights” or on a sign so to speak. Maybe you thought through the business card or the letterhead you may need. But in the modern, social media world we live and work in today, your name or logo has to fit into many more scenarios. Here are some logo design tips.

Logo Design Tips

Logo Design Tips

Top 6 Logo Design Tips

Here are just a few things to consider when developing your brand, name or logo:

1. Can it fit into a box? Many social networking sites now use avatars and even Facebook uses the 180×180 square in your cover art.

2. Is the domain name free? So many domain names are taken, it can be hard to come up with a brand and get the domain name to match. Have a look before you commit to see if the name or some easy to use varioation is available.

3. How will it look in print? Business cards, letterhead, postcard mailers, promotional items and more, all need to be considered and your brand can be used in so many ways, ensure you have a multi-mark brand that can be used in all scenarios.

4. Will it port well to clothing? You may want to use your brand or logo on clothing such as polo shirts or even have it embroidered.

5. Can it scale? In other words, how will it look really small and how will it look on a giant billboard or on a semi truck, storefront or sign?

6. Will it look good in greyscale? Many folks don’t want to print everything in color. How will your brand print in greyscale or B & W?

Of course, there are many more things to consider in logo design tips, but this gives you the idea that a logo, brand or service mark, your company name and the corresponding branding marks should not be taken lightly.

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